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Eurokwai Martial Arts Personal Safety Workshops

Eurokwai provides three hour Personal Safety Workshops for:-

·  Business organisations

·  Schools  

·  Colleges

·  Universities

Designed for females and males of all ages these are serious workshops covering situations which may result in an individual having to deal with threats and actual violence directed against their person.  


The environments covered are:-

-   Work Place

-   School/College/University

-   Streets

-   Public Transport

-   Driving

-   Socialising

-   The Home

-   and much more

Attendees will receive an abundance of advice, which, if adopted, will guide them away from dangerous situations. Furthermore they will learn simple natural “tricks”, defensive and counter moves to escape the clutches of an assailant.  No sporting or martial arts skills are required, as these are not martial arts courses.  All attendees receive a set of Fact Sheets to take away after the course.

To arrange a workshop phone or e-mail us today

Personal Safety Workshops

INFORMATION : Self-Defence and the Law         

You should be aware that the use of force in a self-defence situation can legally only be proportional to the seriousness of any attack. Excessive use of force, such as punches, kicks, arm-locks, throws or strangles, in circumstances where you injure someone who is attacking you could result in criminal charges being brought against you.

It is simple - current legislation allows "reasonable force" only to defend oneself, so think carefully before you deliver your punch or kick.

The Eurokwai points of survival:-

1.    Always be alert.

2.    Remain physically relaxed.

3.    Avoid confrontation or unstable situations.

4.    If accosted or challenged, avoid and walk away if possible.

5.    If unable to avoid, never take up a fighting stance, this is an invitation and could provoke an attack.

6.    Remain quiet, relaxed and static. Do not move towards the enemy, let him/her make the first move.

7.    If attacked, always block or evade if possible: Remember, an accurate block can sometimes extinguish an attack from the start.

8.    If several attackers, then isolate the apparent ringleader and try to deal with him/her first.

9.    If it is necessary to activate a counter technique, always use a push or slap first instead of a punch.

10.   Never engage in verbal arguments, and never threaten anyone: To do so could be used against you at a later date in Court.